[Manifest #1] Write As If There’s No Tomorrow

Write As If There's No Tomorrow

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Write as if there’s no tomorrow
‘Cause there truly isn’t
Write as if your life depends on it
‘Cause it does
And not only yours but other people’s too
Be thirsty for creation
Much before you’re hungry for your breakfast
‘Cause soul thirst hurts much more
Than physical hunger
Be that person with his/her mind possessed by ideas on their way home from work
As you hit your room you’re so eager to get it to the masses
You start typing before you even take your shoes off
In the shower inspiration hits you and one idea follows another
Wrapped in your towel you’re at it again
Typing away
Your body’s dripping
Your hair is still wet
But inspiration cannot wait
It just can’t
You feel it in your veins
In every fiber of your soul
It’s so powerful
More than any other power within you
As if the Supreme Power’s talking to you
Telling you it’s time
It’s time to share
As you can’t contain it anymore
Unleash that force within you
Unleash it
Get it out there to the masses
Forget fancy looks and marketing strategies
Forget SEO, Panda, Pinguin and all that jazz
Forget grammar, forget politeness
Forget it all for now
There will be time for that
But now it is your life at stake
It is time to get it all out
At all costs
And have your say
For if you’re so eager saying it
Someone must be eager hearing it
For we are all connected
Write as if your life depends on it
‘Cause it truly does

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He also enjoys running, cooking and watching cats sleep.

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  1. Hi Bro
    This poem seem to be motivating myself to write contents without procrastinating. I bet everyone who read this poem will get some kinda motivation!

    Thanks for sharing :.-)

    • Adam says:

      My pleasure bro.
      Hope it encourages you and anyone reading this to go ahead and write the content they really have the urge to write and start living their dream…


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